Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award


2021.06.03Judge information has been released.

2021.06.03SNS campaign has been started to win colored papers from the voice actor and actress judges.

2021.05.22The "Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero Award 2021" website has been open.

Seas and oceans are now suffering, screaming a silent cry.

Heroes and heroines, the individual actions of each of your are linked
to the preservation of our precious seas for the future.

The problem of marine litter continues to worsen all over the world.

It is said that by 2050 the amount of ocean waste,
primarily plastic, will account for more mass in the ocean than fish.

Approximately 80% of marine litter reaches
the seas drifted away by rivers from the continents and their cities.
In order to reduce marine litter it is necessary to take action in the cities
and not only in the seas, and this is a fact that is not very widely known.

In order to devise measures urgently,
The Nippon Foundation has joined efforts with the UMIGOMI Zero Executive Committee
to present this award with the purpose to recognize measures against marine litter.

So we can keep our shooting locations clean and beautiful,
for all the times to come.
Please lend us your help in order to enlarge the circle of actions
that protect our seas with the strength of cosplayers
from all over the world.

​ ​


We are looking for videos of cosplayers engaged in

activities related with the reduction of marine litter!

Post them in your social media accounts using our hashtags!

Period for application

22 May 2021 (Sat) through 22 August 2021 (Sun)

Examples of application

We are looking forward to seeing these kinds of video!

Videos of litter clean-up activities

Videos of the creation of ecologically
aware cosplay costumes

Videos telling a story closely related
with the problem of marine litter

Videos in which the problem of marine litter
is expressed through your body or art

Besides these, we are also looking forward to seeing videos showing the creativity of cosplayers, such as compositions of pictures taken at beautiful coastal or marine locations!
You can also participate with videos dealing with other environmental problems in addition to that of marine litter, such as the acidification of fresh water sources, the deoxygenation of ocean water, global warming or the loss of biodiversity!

Judging Criteria


How diverse problems can become visible thanks to cosplay!


How well the videos tell their story or present it through special effects!


How unique the effect of the actions put into practice is!


How convincingly the video manages to spread the message "Let's protect the sea!

Awards and funding for the activities

Grand Prix 1 winner

200,000 yen in funds for activities
Invitation to come to Japan (Tokyo or Nagoya) *1

Second prize 2 winners

100,000 yen in funds for activities
Invitation to come to Japan (Tokyo or Nagoya) *1

Additionally, the winners of the Grand Prix and the second prizes will earn
 - The right of appearing on the stage of UMIGOMI Zero events (Operation Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero or Cosplay Summit)
 - The appointment as official ambassadors of the 2022 Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero activities
  They will be featured in the promotion of the main visuals, as in the website of the World Cosplay Summit.

*1 Covering the costs of domestic or international travel and two nights of accommodation
In case that it is difficult to materialize the invitation due to covid19, a compensation of an equivalent amount could be provided instead.
In case that the winners wish to extend their stay, changes are allowed as long as the costs arising from the change of dates for the airline tickets and extended accommodation are borne by themselves.

Special prize from voice actors (2 winners)

Autograph of the members of the jury
Amazon gift card (or PayPal) worth 10,000 yen

Participation prize (raffle with 20 winners in total)

Prize A: Autograph of the members of the jury
Prize B: Amazon gift card (or PayPal) worth 3,000 yen

※ It is not possible to choose between prize A and prize B


Natsuki Hanae


Debuted as voice actor in 2011. He has given his voice to the main characters in many popular titles, including his roles as Tanjiro Kamado in "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Ken Kaneki in "Tokyo Ghoul" or Kōsei Arima in "Your Lie in April". He received the award as Best Actor in a Leading Role in the 14th Seiyu Awards.


I used to live in a wonderful place near the sea, and therefore I feel sad thinking that it could be spoiled due to marine litter. I think that initiatives aiming to eliminate marine litter are worth all the praise. I am looking forward to seeing your great entries full of love and extraordinary ideas! Let's enjoy this project together!

Campaign implementation!

Sumire Uesaka


She was born on 19 December 1991, in Kanagawa prefecture. She made her professional debut as a voice actress in January 2012. As an artist, she made her debut with "Nanatsu no umi yori kimi no umi", the main song of the TV animation "Muromi-san" broadcast in 2013. She is a voice artist like no other, boasting extensive knowledge in a wide array of topics including Russia, popular music of the Showa period, metal rock, tanks, lolitas, pro wrestling and beards. Her newest single "EASY LOVE" is now on sale.


I am extremely honored to participate in this fantastic project that aims to suppress marine litter through cosplay! I also like cosplay since my student days, and I enjoy both watching and wearing costumes myself. It is wonderful that we can feel like kindred souls thanks to our common passion for cosplay. I am really really looking forward to seeing cosplays full of love from friends in each country of the world!

Campaign implementation!

Goro Taniguchi


Animation director, producer and scenario writer. The Jump Super Anime Tour 98 movie "One Piece: Defeat the Pirate Ganzak" was his debut in direction. After that, he has been involved in productions such as "Planeter", "Gun Sword" or "Maria the Virgin Witch".  He was also in charge of drafting the story and directing the "Code Geass" series. His latest works include "Skate-Leading Stars" and "Back Arrow".


I have not been in a jury for quite a long time, and I am glad because it is exciting. Your entries can be be funny or can be serious. However, the problem of marine debris is really serious, and one that should not be made fun of; still, I would be happy to see entries that play creatively with these premises. If you are just worried because you can submit multiple entries and are not sure which subject could work better, don't hesitate and start filming now. I am really eager to see the different perspectives of your videos.

Yaya Han


Yaya Han is a cosplayer, designer and author. After discovering cosplay in 1999 and creating over 390 costumes in the years since, she has become YayaHan and influenced cosplay in profound ways. Yaya has appeared as a guest at hundreds of events all over the globe, been featured in two US Network TV Shows and even released her own comic book series. Her life story is chronicled in her book, “Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay” - available world wide.


Hello dear competitors! I am honored to be named a judge for the 2021 Umigomi Zero Award competition! I think we cosplayers have a great opportunity to inspire and influence others, because we put our heart and soul into the characters we become and we use a lot of ingenuity and out of the box thinking in our creative process. I am a big believer in reusing and recycling materials, ever since I started making costumes over 20 years ago. More than ever we must become more aware of how we use and dispose of these materials, and really tap into our cleverness when creating. I hope to see your creativity and your thoughtfulness in action for Umigomi Zero Award and wish you all the best with your cosplay projects!”

Yasuhiko Hotta


Programme Director and senior researcher at the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) area of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). He has been involved in various international policy initiatives and research projects related to building a recycling-oriented society, sustainable consumption and production, and marine plastic waste, mainly in developing Asian countries. In 2021, he became Vice President of the Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP).


In order to achieve a complete elimination of marine litter, it is necessary to make changes in our life styles, business models and diverse infrastructures. And I have the feeling that being cheerfully proactive might be more important than anything else to make an impact and change the way that societies and economy work. I reckon that positive actions are what allow to enlarge the circle of like-minded persons and organizations. And I think that the Cosplay de Umigomi ZERO Award precisely supports this positive and cheerful attitude in activities aiming to reduce marine litter. I am looking forward to witnessing your enthusiasm to change our society into one without marine litter, while enjoying your ingenuity and your crisp ideas.

Method of application

Install the applications and follow the official accounts

Here for Instagram

Here for Twitter

Make a video (with a length between 15 and 120 seconds) related with the reduction of marine litter

Don't forget to add the specified logos at the end of the video

Here you can find materials to use in the creation of your videos!


※ In case of posting videos longer than 1 minute in Instagram, please use IGTV.

Post the video adding the following specified hashtags and mentions

Make the post adding the specified hashtags! We are waiting for your wonderful entries.

Required hashtags and mentions


Optional hashtags

#marinelitter #marinedebris #ecocos #umigomi #cosplay #cosplayer #sdgs #海洋ごみ #マイクロプラスティック #コスプレ #コスプレイヤー #世界コスプレサミット #コスサミ #worldcosplaysummit #wcs2021

Announcement of winners

The winners will be announced at an event with celebration planned for September 2021.
The winners will also be introduced in this website.
We will get in contact with the winners through direct messages either on Instagram or Twitter.

Frequently asked questions

Q1.Is it possible to apply with an activity carried out in the past, or with an entry already presented last year?

There are no problems in applying with an activity carried out in the past or with a work already produced.

Q2.Is it possible to apply with several videos?

One person can submit multiple applications. We are looking forward to receiving a lot of entries.

Q3.Can the application conditions be satisfied by reusing an old cosplay costume?

Yes. Application conditions are satisfied.
The reuse of an old cosplay costume precisely fits the philosophy of reduction, reuse and recycling of waste! Please submit your entries.

Q4.Can the expression “marine litter” be used to attract visitors in order to produce an entry?

There is no problem in using the expression "marine litter".

List of participating entries

These will be uploaded here if they are posted on the social media networks with the corresponding hashtags!




4 persons(Twitter 2 persons、Instagram 2 person) will receive as a present the autograph of the voice actors in the jury, chosen randomly from those who participate in the Follow & Retweet (with hashtag) and Like campaign on both Twitter and Instagram!

Main organizer


Supporting organizer


Cosplay UMIGOMI Zero Executive Committee
Address:Sakae Plaza Bldg. 9F, 1-10-9 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 461-0005 JAPAN

※In case of sending your inquiries by mail, please indicate "Inquiry about the Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero Award" in the subject.

Terms and conditions

Application period22 May 2021 (Sat) through 22 August 2021 (Sun)
Description of the prizesPlease refer to the above
Requirements for applicationPersons that have agreed to the terms and conditions
Method of applicationPlease refer to the above
Announcement of winners After the period of submissions is closed, the winners will be determined with the impartial judgment of a jury. The prizes will be limited to one post per person. Inquiries regarding the deliberation of the jury will not be accepted. In addition to the awarding at the event and the announcement of the results on this site, the winners will be contacted through the direct message function of Instagram or Twitter, and therefore we request all participants to follow the official accounts. After receiving the notification of winning one of the prizes, please contact with us following the specified method in order to provide the required information, such as your contact address or the shipping address for the prizes, before the designated deadline. Please take into account that you will lose the right to receive your prize in case that you do not reply within seven days after being notified.
*Please activate the “Push Notifications” setting in the Instagram or Twitter application in your device.
*Please note that posts published with privacy settings enabled are not eligible for participation.